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28th Poetry Contest Winner

Image: "Psyche Opening the Golden Box" by John William Waterhouse (1903)*

In 2009, our Guest Poetry Judge, Nikki Giovanni, selected "Boxwood" by Barbara Knott as winner of the 28th New Millennium Writings Literary Award for Poetry.

NMW: Where are you these days and what are you working on?

BK: I live in Atlanta and publish an online literary/art journal, The Grapevine Art & Soul Salon, which just released its l8th issue at Grapevine. I am also writing poems and publishing chapbooks and revising a collection of short stories. 

I am interested in the world and its diversity of creatures and in what makes us human and in whatever lies in the depths of human experience, where oppositions lay down their arms, where the erotic meets the sacred, and where serious sits down with humor to sort it all out.

My goal as a writer of fiction and poetry is to get the reader to feel part of an ongoing conversation I am having with myself about themes and images that appeal to my imagination, and to become as excited about them as I am.

What's currently bringing you the most joy in life?

The work brings me great joy, along with the loves in my life ... and reading. I am presently reading a (real) book called Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm by Stephen Harrod Buhner, and I am astonished by the many ways it feeds my love of poetry and language. I consider it part of the cutting edge groundwork going on now by humans seeking some reconciliation among notions of science, art and soul.

How did winning a New Millennium Writings Literary Award contribute to your writing life?

As you can tell by the [awards and publications below], that New Millennium Writings Literary Award for Poetry was the first of several recognitions of my work from the writing world. In addition, Nikki Giovanni warmly blurbed my first chapbook, Soul Mining, that included the poem "Boxwood" she had selected as the winner of the New Millennium Writings award. Inwardly, that award gave me a lot of go-ahead energy and confidence. I will never forget the phone call from Don Williams. As soon as he identified himself (I was driving at the time I answered), my skin started chilling and my heart clapping.

I am excited that you are celebrating your 20th year. Thank you for everything connected to New Millennium Writings.​

Barbara has a Ph.D. from the drama therapy program at New York University. Learn more about Barbara through The Grapevine's website and keep in touch with LinkedIn and Facebook.


"Boxwood," New Millennium Writings Literary Award for Poetry, 28th Contest, 2009

Muscadine (novel), short-listed in the James Jones First Novel Competition

"Song of the Goat Man," Awarded Third Prize by Francois Camoin,[email protected] Competition, 2010

"The Legend of Abigail Jones" (short story), Atlanta Writers Club, Wild Card Competition Winner, Spring 2014


New Millennium Writings (poetry)

Permafrost (poetry)

Minerva Rising (poetry)

The Distillery (short story)

Pilgrimage (articles)

Now and Then (novel excerpt)

Soul Mining (chapbook), Finishing Line Press, 2011

MANTA Poems (chapbook), Finishing Line Press, 2015

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*This media file, "Psyche Opening the Golden Box" by John William Waterhouse (1903), is in the public domain in the United States. This applies to U.S. works where the copyright has expired, often because its first publication occurred prior to January 1, 1923. Image effects added.

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