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Special Report: "Love Wins" Essay Competition

This is a celebration of the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality offering a $1000 prize and publication. This special “Love Wins” Essay Contest is a call to writers everywhere to uncap your pens, turn on your computers, and let the muse be your guide in composing what sits deep down in your heart.

Every writer experiences  these moments of the noble call to use their words to make a lasting impact. Ludwig Wittgenstein once wrote, “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”This is the opportunity to apply your craft and writing ability to improve the language and enrich the conversation about marriage equality, tolerance, and love.

The SCOTUS decision signals a prodigious step forward toward tolerance, acceptance, and equality.

What has been your experience with the SCOTUS decision, marriage equality, tolerance, and acceptance?

How did it affect you? Challenge you? Change you?

There was something you learned, something that must be told. As the limits of your world expanded, so did your language.  This is new language, and as a writer you know it must be shared.

There is no one measurement for what comes forth. It’s one size: powerful. Your truth is nothing but. This is your opportunity to share that truth, that power, and that love.

Many humans wish to unlock the hearts and minds of others. Writers hold the key.

Join us, along with Celebrity Judge Thea Gill, our nonprofit partners Lambda Literary and Free2Luv© (each will receive a $1000 donation), and all those passionate and optimistic for a just world.

The winner will receive $1,000  plus publication.

Write your essay (less than 4,500 words) and submit by AUGUST 31, 2015 at

Thank you for all the support and encouragement in this special once-in-a-lifetime contest.

Alexis Williams Carr, Editor and Publisher

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