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The cover art, Infatuation, was created by one of Europe's leading professional body painters, Kate Spinks Dean. This piece comes from her Life In Flight collection, and its alluring beauty resonates intensely with the the maddening, inspiring, all-too-human shades of infatuation contained within the writings and poems of NMW's 24th anthology.

In Mauk’s “Sounding for Mercy,” infatuation enables one character to break the bonds of time and space… or perhaps just the tethers of reality.

“Memento Mori” muses on the infatuation that never—or barely— was. Those intense connections that never materialized into anything, ephemeral in reality, eternal in memory.

The darker infatuations are represented here—the drink we fear we may never stop reaching for (“Last Call in Aberdeen: 1986”), the obsessive existential dread that colors even our most hopeful circumstances (“Watering Stones”), humanity’s urge to consume and consume until nothing is left (“Remnants,” “Sound Wave”).

And then there are the beautiful infatuations: for our babies (“Lord of the Storm,” “The Goat Kicks Back”), for our creative passions (“She Was So Lazy,” “First Guitar”), for those relationships where infatuation melts into feelings less fiery: tenderness, admiration, devotion (“Transitional Light,” “Bittersweet”).

Infatuation, we salute you. Though you consume us, may we never escape you. Enrich us, challenge us,  and embolden us to recognize and reach for the next adventure, the next risk, the next passion.

To take advantage of our pre-sale and receive free shipping, use the Coupon Code: GRATITUDE. Each 2015 anthology is only $12, and you won't be charged until your book has shipped.

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We're also happy to ship them for you—just email us after you order with the names and addresses of gift recipients.

We think you'll be just as infatuated with it as we are!


*As always, all who participated in the 37th and 38th Awards contests will receive their complimentary copy. Excluding massive snowstorms or anything beyond our control, all deliveries are expected well before the holidays.

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