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New Writing Advice: A Philosophy of Writing Poetry

A Philosophy of Writing Poetry
By Rosa Lane, NMW's 38th Poetry Award Winner
About poetry, Lane writes: “For me, successful poems are architectures with accessible portals into unanticipated experiences.  A poem’s entry point may change each time it is read and as a result bring new facets of emotional engagement for the reader.  In this way, I see poems as living conspiracies of unending surprise and change.  With this hope in mind, I write poems to be open, inhabited, and made whole by the reader.   I stretch narrative and utilize magical realism in my work toward this potential.”
Rosa Lane received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College in 1982.  Her work has appeared in Briar Cliff Review, Crab Orchard Review, Milvia Street Journal, New South, Ploughshares, and elsewhere. Lane’s poetry manuscript, Tiller North, won the 2014 Submissions Competition at Sixteen Rivers Press and will be published in spring 2016.
Read Rosa's Award-Winning poem, "Father," HERE.
Connect with Rosa on Twitter: @rosalanepoet
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